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Insenco Vision

Gaiteye is owned by Insenco ApS, established in Denmark in 2014.

The vision behind Insenco is to develop and combine innovative sensor technology with new and revolutionary mobile applications. The aim is to provide dedicated value adding solutions both on B2C and B2B markets within different application areas.

The Gaiteye Sensor is the first product to be launched by Insenco in 2015 dedicated to the active runner.

Gaiteye Vision

The vision behind Gaiteye is to create a product that takes the runners training analysis and performance monitoring to the next level.

Tracking our training and progress motivates most runners. It is difficult to improve anything, if you cannot measure where you are coming from.

With Gaiteye, the new revolution within Gait analysis, it is now possible to monitor the key performance metrics leading to the optimal running economy and avoiding injury.

Gaiteye Mission – Challenge the way we run

We wish to challenge you to optimal running performance!  Release your potential and Be the best you can be!!

  • Optimize your running economy
  • Run faster, easier and longer
  • Realtime analysis of your running gait
  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Renewed running pleasure
  • Most advanced footpod on the market
  • Bluetooth SMART

Welcome to the New Revolution within Gait Analysis!!

Christian Harpsøe

CEO & Co-founder


Mobile: (+45) 28 56 92 66

Jan Lundskov

CTO & Co-founder


Mobile: (+45) 50 58 04 16

Peter Harpsøe

Key Account Manager


Mobile: (+45) 29 72 94 78